What you and the media are saying about Spokane Family Farms

YAY!!! We love our Family Farm Milk! 14 yr old Logan and 10 yr old Landon Harrington lovin' the moo on the prairie! Thank you for all you do every day to help me feed my family! You guys all rock...kiss the cows for us!
Carol Ann H.

We still enjoy your milk and now our daughter in Rathrum is able to purchase your milk in the local Super One Store.
Jerry and Ramona K.

This is just a simple thank you note. I'm a cook, and if one thing makes my food great, it's that I make as many of my ingredients as I can, and do it right - I use your cream and milk to make my own butter and buttermilk, ice cream, creme fraiche, caramel and dolce de leche, as a base for sauces.. the list goes on. Before I found your milk, I was always unhappily buying milk that had been homogenized and ultra-pasteurized, and cream that was loaded with carrageenan and other junk, and thinking about buying a dairy cow (as soon as I moved out of my apartment, of course!)
I'm happy to say, having read how you treat your cows and your milk, I wouldn't do it any differently myself.

Thanks so much for caring about quality and healthiness for a change - if only the world had more like you.


Mike and Trish,

I bought your milk (Rosauers) to make Maple Nut ice cream for my very good friend who hadn't been able to find any one evening when were out. I used your milk for the ice cream, however had to buy cream as I didn't think the milk gave enough separated cream to come up with 2 cups of cream per gallon of milk.

I've bought whole, raw milk years ago and had the cream separate out in the gallon jars to a quantity of 15% or so and been able to top it off using a ladle. What do you recommend? I would prefer not to purchase other cream to add to your milk to make ice cream. I just want to use Spokane's Family Farm.

The Maple nut ice cream turned out - although very, very rich. Thanks for your business and your product - it is so nice to get back to real food (real milk).

"Happy Trails"

Aline M. C.


I recently saw a program on KSPS, Northwest Profiles regarding your wonderful dairy. I commend you for your high standards of quality and bringing better milk quality to our tables.

After watching the KSPS program and also looking at you website I do have one question...Do you use hormones in your feed for your cows? I commend you for using very limited antibiotics and only as needed but since the use of hormones was not mentioned on your website I am curious, I feel it is just as important as the antibiotics issue.

Thanks for your time and again congratulations on a good and healthy product!

Joan K.

Thank you for such a wonderful product. This is the milk that I feed my 21 month old and HE LOVES IT! I am pregnant with our second and have switched to this milk even though I have always consumed non fat milk in the past. It is truly amazing how much of a difference there is between your milk and the brands you buy in stores. The quality is evident in the taste.

Thanks again,

Love, The Brown Family:)

Thank you Trish. Your milk is getting so popular that we're having problems finding it lately. That speaks highly of your commitment to quality and care.

Best Wishes
- LaVerne

Hi there! I recently moved from Spokane, where my husband and I drank gallons and gallons of your delicious milk. We now live in the Portland area, where we haven't been able to find any non-homogenized milk - a sad situation. I don't know why the small dairies here don't sell it, since the health benefits are so numerous, and it's delicious! Do you think your farm will ever sell milk in the Portland area? Or do you know any dairies out here that sell non-homogenized milk?

Thanks for your help - and the great milk!

Kathleen M.

My family absolutely LOVES your milk. We buy it at Yokes in Kennewick, WA. My husband drinks about a gallon of milk a day, so due to the budget, we buy him the icky store brand milk. My three daughters and I enjoy your milk. It is great to know that they are getting good, whole fat milk without all the added hormones and unnatural processes. The other day, I poured a glass of your delicious milk at the same time as my husband poured a glass of his nasty milk. I accidentally grabbed his glass and took a big drink. Ew! The taste difference was immediately apparent. The milk tasted sterile and flavorless. It wasn't creamy and smooth even though it was whole milk. Yuck! I handed him his glass and then appreciated my glass even more. Thanks for making such a yummy, high quality product!

Mary C.


I've been buying your wonderful milk at Pilgrims Market in Coeur d' Alene. The last few weeks it hasn't been available and I was hoping that you wern't going to stop selling it there. Other milk bothers my stomach, but I don't seem to have a problem with your non-homogenized milk. Also, I like the fact that it is from a local, family farm and is low heat pasteurized. I was so happy to discover your milk! Is there anywhere else in Cd'a that I can purchase your milk and will you be continuing to supply it to Pilgrims?

Thank you,

Susie P.

Thank you Trish for a great tour today! My family had such a wonderful time. We are looking forward to buying your milk tomorrow... best milk we've had! I'm also interested in your cheese and yogurt classes

Evelyn M.

Just came out for a tour with my mom's group today. My two boys and I had such a great time and I think from now on we will be buying your milk. It's so good! You mentioned cheese and yogurt classes today and I would like to be put on a list to get info when you do them again. Thank you again for a wonderful morning at your farm.

Audrey D. B.

Trish, you are amazing! We toured your farm on Father's Day and it was the most educational day we've ever spent together as a family. Thank you for opening our eyes to what REAL milk should taste like. I will never buy any other milk again. Your milk will always be on our table! Thanks again to you and your lovely family.

You were right. We loved it. Bought 4 gallons and will not put any other milk in ours cups!

Linda M.

They have the best milk I've ever drank

We had such a great time @ your farm yesterday, thank you for the milking tour. Trish, the information you gave us was amazing! See you Monday for the bottling tour!

Rhonda G-D.

Thank you so much for all of the Wonderful information on your milk! We had a tour on Saturday with our family and you really opened our eyes with what we were putting in our bodies! We went and bought a gallon and are not looking back! Thank you Thank you for all your hard work and long hours! Please be known that you have alot of support from the Spokane and Idaho families!

Nicki F.

SO Excited to hear about your Milk! I have been on the fence about going to raw milk because of the dangers, but after reading your website I feel like your milk is the perfect answer for my Family! We are in Rathdrum, Idaho. Are you able to tell me the closest location where I can purchase your Milk? We have 7 kids and will need A LOT! Thank You!

Kim N.

First of all I would like to tell you that my family LOVES your milk. It is the only milk that my 7 year old son has been able to drink with out it hurting his stomach. I knew this milk was very different when after buying it a couple times he told me, "mom, you know that new milk you've been buying? When I drink it and my stomach is upset, it makes my stomach feel BETTER!" That was huge to me, most milk HURTS his stomach and yet yours makes his stomach feel BETTER?! Your explanation on your website helped explain the reason for that.

Deanna D.

I brought my 1st & 2nd graders from Christian Heritage School out today...we had a great time and I learned a lot! Your milk is yummy! Thank you for sharing your farm! What a great place to raise kids!

Joyce B-H.

A friend of mine recently toured your facility, and was impressed enough to tell me about it. Which brought up the question -- where can I go buy some of your milk?

Adam L.

Just moved into the area, Sandpoint ID, and have been buying your milk for the past couple of weeks and our family loves it. We also like to make homemade ice cream and wondered if you sell half n half or cream. I know our boys, ages 5 and 6, would love to visit the cows when we are in the area at some point. Thanks for making a great non-homogenized milk.

Angela H.

Just purchased my first gallon (my 18 month old loves it!) and am curious to see if you sell fat free milk and cream as well. I had no idea what homogenization truly meant before reading the information on your website! Thank you for supplying us with such a fantastic product!

Lindsey D.

Thank you for a wonderful tour today for our Preschool class, Trish! Love coming to the farm! We absolutely LOVE your milk. Can't wait for the classes this Saturday :-)

Amanda U.

Hi, I want to find out if you are going to be able to supply Super One Foods with your milk again.

Super One would sell out quickly when they had your milk.

We really enjoy your products and hope to be able to purchase them in Colville again.

Joe G.

We love your milk and get it via Huckleberries in Moscow. I was wondering if you have butter you sell?

We hope to visit your farm on a special family day (we homeschool) and thank you for making options available in an increasingly unhealthy, micromanaged world.

Mrs. Webber

Thank you so much Trish! My girls had a blast Abby keeps talking about climbing trees with the boys, we loved all of the animals the milk is excellent.

Kristy I.

Since touring your dairy farm several years ago with our home school group, we not only became steady customers of your milk, but we became "salespersons" as well! We always promoted your milk to cashiers, carry-out staff, customers in line, friends, neighbors, etc.

Mark & Rebecca C.

I am very much looking forward to visiting your dairy. I've just recently become interested in eating raw and was looking for a local dairy that provided healthy milk. So I googled and found you. I am going to start buying it! I'm so glad you are doing what you are doing! And I'm tellling all my friends!

Christine M-W.

Thank you Trish for a great tour last week with the mom's club! My daughter and I had such a wonderful time and she is still talking about all the animals she saw. Best milk we've ever had! I'm also interested in your cheese and yogurt classes. keep up all your hard work it is much appriciated.

Suzanne A.

I recently saw you on the news and was so excited to hear about you! We live in Post Falls, ID and would like to purchase your milk as soon as it is available in Idaho. We moved from NY recently and used to get our milk right from a farm very similar to yours.

Joy P.


I've been buying your wonderful milk at Pilgrims Market in Coeur d' Alene. The last few weeks it hasn't been available and I was hoping that you wern't going to stop selling it there. Other milk bothers my stomach, but I don't seem to have a problem with your non-homogenized milk. Also, I like the fact that it is from a local, family farm and is low heat pasteurized. I was so happy to discover your milk! Is there anywhere else in Cd'a that I can purchase your milk and will you be continuing to supply it to Pilgrims?

Thank you,
Susie P.


21715 Coulee Hite Road • Spokane, WA 99224 • 509-796-FARM or 509-796-3276